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You deserve fine fragrances and positive energies in your daily life

Use our portable scented disc and its accessories in confined spaces such as closets, handbags, suitcases and cars (2 months of autonomy) for just €12
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indaïa's benefits

A property is associated with each fragrance, choose yours to cope with your everyday life !


Indaïa will keep your closets smelling wonderful (hang the scented disc up using the cord or put it on a shelf)


Your car will always smell great (hang the scented disc up using the cord)


Your handbag will stay fresh and reflect your personality (place the scented disc in the pouch)


Indaïa fragrances will care for your clothes when you travel (place the scented disc in the pouch)

How are indaïa scented discs used ?

Indaïa valise
indaïa garde-robe
indaïa sac à main, voiture
Indaïa recyclable

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